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Two Great Books in the CyberSaber Universe

Do you prefer a classic tale of good battling evil, childhood friends redefining their relationship as adults, and the day saved by appreciating the power of love and friendship?

Or would you rather solve your problems with rock and roll, and you answer to no one?

Choose CyberSaber7 to read the story of how Zafnar, Lemonlime, Fruitpunch, and Rootbeer rise up against evil and defend a machine's individuality while trying to make sense of their past. Or choose Sunny Nights at Pizzaland to find out what happens after an engineer brings a set of pizza robots to life, and what it means to truly be Real.
Either way, you're in for a good time as you explore the world of Tango City and meet the inhabitants who call that place home!

Note: Though Sunny Nights at Pizzaland is a prequel to CyberSaber7, either book can be enjoyed independently of the other. Aside from several cameos and one weird pigeon, there is no crossover and the prequel does not demand that you read the book that was written first. So pick whichever you want to start with and rock on!