About the Author


Born in Maryland, I've been making up stories since before I could write. Of course this was before kindergarten, so they didn't make a lot of sense back then. There might have been one about a hen that lost her chick? I don't even remember. CyberSaber7 was first written way back in middle school, though the story has since been lost. Turns out "back up your files" isn't just a fun expression. Oh, well.

I don't just love books, I love stories. I believe that the stories we tell, the stories we collect, and even the stories we forget tell a lot about us as a culture, as people. Movies, television, video games, books, comics, plays, and all other mediums are how we tell people what we value, what we condemn, and how we live. When we tell a story, re-tell a story, or pass down a story, we're sending a little package to the future with the feelings of the past that we want to preserve. But more than that, they're just fun! Whether you're contemplating the use of camera angels in Citizen Kane, sobbing over the death of Aeris in Final Fantasy VII, clapping your hands to bring Tinkerbell back to life, or just laughing at the bizarre lines in The Room, stories connect us. I don't care if my stories aren't your favorite anything, but if you take the time to read them and enjoy them, I'll be happy. If they mean something to you, that'll be all the better.